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Whiskey Hollow

Whiskey Hollow is a mixed upland forest preserve located in Van Buren, NY.


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trail info

This trail is moderately difficult wit inclines, but it is well groomed.


Whiskey Hollow is 44.78 acres.


There is no off-street parking, though parking is ample on the side of the road, which is not busy.

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Getting Here

Whiskey Hollow is on Whiskey Hollow Road in Memphis, NY.

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Preserve History

Whiskey Hollow was identified in 1973 as an important, biodiverse ecological site that needed conservation.  The CNY Land Trust (then Save the County) Onondaga County Environmental Management Council created  


Site Features

Visitors will find well-groomed trails with a minor incline at the trailhead, which opens up to mildly undulating terrain, and a pleasant winding hike through the woodland and wetland around Tracy Lake.  The trail reveals several views of the water with ample opportunity for nature photography, and a viewing bench.  The trail circumnavigates the majority of the lake before terminating at Gatehouse Road, at which point you can retrace your journey or follow the road back to the parking area.

Tracy Lake Preserve contains Tracy Lake and the surrounding marshes and woodland. It also contains a large portion of the adjacent Mud Pond and  East Gatehouse Pond. The wetland area around Tracy Lake is protected under the New York State and Federal Wetlands Acts.

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