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Image by Robert  Zunikoff

Water Quality Improvement Program

Safe drinking water is essential for healthy communities.  We have acquired key pieces of land around Skaneateles Lake, which are directly upstream from the water supply intake for the City of Syracuse.  These sites posed a risk to the quality of the water reaching the intake due to riparian zone damage in highly erodible areas.  

Riparian Zone Repair
Skaneateles Lake

We began a monumental steep bank repair on Skaneateles Lake in the summer of 2022.  This is the largest landscape restoration project ever undertaken by the Central New York Land Trust.  Designed to prevent sediment from entering Skaneateles Lake just upstream from the water intake for the City of Syracuse, this project intends to protect the fragile riparian zone at this site from further damage.   

This is the first step in our extensive plan to restore this newly acquired Central New York Land Trust conservation area.  This project acquisition was made possible by the Department of Environmental Conservation through the Water Quality Improvement Acquisition Grant.  Funding for the repair work was provided by The Central New York Community Foundation, our members and donors.  Thank you for sharing our vision to repair and conserve this vital piece of land.

What Are Riparian Zones?

Riparian zones comprise a very small percentage of land nationwide, but are among the most productive and valuable natural resources. Healthy riparian zones help control water pollution by holding back and using nutrients before they can enter the lake, providing food and shelter for a diverse population of animals and plants, and stabilizing highly erodible land.


How You Can Help

We are actively seeking property in and around Otisco, Skaneateles and Ontario Lake for the purposes of long-term protection.  If you know of any property for sale, or would like to see your property preserved for the future, please contact us at the number or email below.

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