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Welcome fellow conservationist!  Thank you for signing up for Walk for Nature.  

What is a Land Trust?

Land trusts conserve land.  That means we either purchase property or it is donated to us and we protect it from being sold, developed, or used in any way except to keep it wild.  We called those spaces "land preserves".  Some preserves are kept exclusively for wildlife, and some are open to the public.  

How do we know what land to conserve?  We identify important properties that are home to threatened or endangered plants or animals, properties that are important natural resources like wetlands, and land that is in watersheds, which affect the quality of our drinking water.  Those are the areas we save from development. 

Each property is different, but once we secure a property we identify any repairs or long term management issues and then set up a plan to replant trees and wildflowers, remove invasive species, re-open streams, rivers and other aquatic passages for animal migration, and safeguard the habitats of the preserve.  All of this takes money and time, which is why we need your help.

Here's What You Can You Do?

Print the sponsorship form and begin getting sponsors.  They can either donate online or if they are using cash or check you can collect and keep track of their donations on the form.  Bring your donations to Walk for Nature and walk with us at beautiful Marcellus Park, win cool prizes, listen to live music, and get your free t-shirt

Spread the word about what we do.  Get your friends and family members to follow us on Instagram or Facebook, and sign up for our free newsletter below, which is filled with cool preserves to visit, ecological news, and information about our current projects.

Get involved!  Sign up to volunteer.  Once signed up, you can join one of our "friends of" groups or start one of your own.  Our friends groups help maintain and monitor preserves, plant trees, get cool perks and behind the scenes experiences, and get to spend time in nature!

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