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Image by Rebecca Asryan

South Meadows Nature Area

South Meadows Nature Area is a mixed upland, wetland, and forest preserve located in Tully, NY.


Getting Here

South Meadows is located on Grove Street in Tully, NY.  Please see our map for directions from your location.   There is an off street parking at Cummings Park, which is adjacent to South Meadows Preserve.  Walk south on Grove Street until you reach The South Meadows sign, just a few feet from the parking lot.  The trail head is directly behind the sign. 

Image by James Wheeler

Preserve History

South Meadows was originally owned by Greif Brothers, Inc., who purchased the property in the hopes of filling the wetlands and making a railroad siding for industrial purposes. Fortunately for the natural area, their plans never materialized. The Greif Brothers, having  no other use for the site, donated it to the Village of Tully.  After the acquisition of the site by the Land Trust, various boy scouts and the Tully Action Group (TAG) constructed a loop trail system complete with boardwalks, where necessary,  significantly improving the opportunity for the public to enjoy the site.  Over the years, further improvements have been made, and the site is meticulously cared for by the CNY Land Trust stewards and TAG members.

South Meadows Nature Area Aerial Trail Map.png

Site Features

South Meadows is an oasis nestled in the heart of Tully.  The shaded trail winds through marsh and woodland with a mix of maple, ash, dogwood, alder, and birch.  The woodland trail opens up to a stunning wildflower meadow with vista views of the valley below.  Mature trees intermix with young saplings and native shrubs, which are home to songbirds and small mammals.  South Meadows is a hidden gem located just minutes from Syracuse.     


Click on the map icon for an aerial view, then click on the address for directions from your location.

trail info

The trails are rated as easy.  There are some inclines, but the trails and boardwalks are well maintained by our steward staff and the Tully Action Group.    


South Meadows consists of 27 acres of mixed woodland and meadows.  There are beautiful vista views of the valley below from the meadows at the top of the preserve.


Off street parking is available at Cummings Park on Grove Street just north of South Meadows.

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