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Image by Olena Sergienko
Walk for Nature

April 22nd, 1:00 PM, Green Lakes State Park

Does the idea of saving our natural world seem out of reach?  Does it feel like we are already too late to change the course of our planet?  

Image by Alexander Andrews

We know that saving land from development is one of the most effective ways to combat changes in our environment. 

By saving existing forests and planting new woodlands, we insure the survival of pollutant consuming, oxygen producing trees that clean our air. 

By saving our wetlands and riparian zones, we insure nature's filters are there to clean our drinking water. 

By returning agricultural fields to songbird, butterfly and bee habitats, we help secure our food supply. 

And when we do these things - the things that save our future - we also save the future for the plants and animals we share this planet with. 

Image by David Lang

Help Us Protect Them

bog turtle.jpg

We protect one of the few remaining safe havens for endangered bog turtles.

Aerial View of Deforestation
Image by Henrik L.

We save forests from development so that species like the snowy owl have a chance to survive.

When the news leads you to believe that the problems with our planet are insurmountable, turn off the drama hype and tune into the real world.  The fact is that The Central New York Land Trust has been saving land and animal habitats for 50 years, and we know we are making a difference.  We started with one small forest in 1973, which we saved with money raised by students and community members like you, and we now have more than 3,400 acres of protected land right here in CNY.  

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Ready to join us and become a force for change?  Here's how you can help. 

1) Sign up to walk in our Walk for Nature this April 22nd at 1:00 PM at Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville, or choose a walk location that is more convenient for you (like your school track or local park, between 3-6 miles, and please make sure it is someplace safe).  Make sure to select a t-shirt size for your free t-shirt.  All t-shirt orders must be in before March 24, 2023.

2) Download and print the sponsorship form.  If you do not have access to a printer, ask your participating teacher or scout/group leader for a form or email Mr. Porter at and request a form be mailed to you.

3) Reach out to people you know to sponsor you.  Sign them up on your sign up sheet or online here.  All sponsors paying with credit cards must do so through our website.  Instructions for paying with cash or check are also available through this link.  Walkers may collect cash or checks.  It is the walker's responsibility to turn in donations on or before the day of the walk.    

4) Get your friends to join you.  It's always more fun to walk with friends.

Email us with any questions.  We are here to help.

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