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Walk for Nature

April 22nd, 1:00 PM, Green Lakes State Park

School Field Trip
Image by Kenny Eliason
Autumn Forest

The Central New York Land Trust has been conserving land for fifty years.  We started as a local group of concerned citizens called "Save the County" with a mission to save Baltimore Woods in 1972.  A walk was organized by citizens and students, which encompassed most of the schools in Onondaga County.  This was one of the first walks in the nation to use sponsorship donors as a way to raise money.  It was so successful that the entire purchase price for Baltimore Woods was raised by students, and we were able to save that land from development. 

Save the County became a nonprofit 501c3 in 1973, (eventually changing our name to The Central New York Land Trust).  In the subsequent years, students walked to save several other sites, but unfortunately, the sponsorship walk model was difficult to sustain as so many other local and national organizations began using this method to raise money, and schools and organizations were flooded with requests for sponsorship walks.  Eventually, we switched to a membership based model for raising money.  Though this model has been easier to manage from our perspective, it has caused us to lose our student base.  

We want to connect once again with the youth of CNY, empower them to make a difference in the environment, and foster in them a lifelong appreciation for nature.  We believe our fiftieth anniversary is the perfect occasion to do just that as we commemorate the walk that started it all.  

This walk is open to all grades.  Schools/groups/clubs with more than ten sponsored participants will have the opportunity to either have a field trip to one of our preserves (does not include transportation) with an educational program provided by one of our conservation staff or an in classroom presentation. 

Registered walkers who have raised $35 or more will receive a free t-shirt.  

How to Participate

Go to our Walk for Nature student page where students can register using our online form or printed form.  If printing, please return to the address at the bottom of the form.

Once registered, please have the students print out a sponsor sign up form.  

Sponsors may sign up and pay online, though students are encouraged to keep a written record of all of their sponsors on the sponsorship sign up form so they know what they have raised.  

Students must turn in the sponsor sign up form and any cash or check donations collected.  This can be done at the walk or before the walk.  If a central collection location has been made at your school or club, we can pick up donations.  Check donations can be mailed to our office using the address at the bottom of the sponsor form.  Cash donations must be handed in in person (arrangements can be made to collect cash donations from schools and clubs). 

Please contact Paul Porter, Director of Stewardship, at (315) 575-8839 or email with any questions.  

Thank you for involving your students in Walk for Nature.

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